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Press Release | Feb. 26, 2004

National Security Agency / Central Security Service Launches New Web Site

On 24 February 2004, the National Security Agency/Central Security Service announced its new and improved Internet web site. Located at the same Internet protocol address, the new site offers a drastically enhanced graphical design complete with interactive navigation and multimedia elements.

From a technical perspective, the new site supports current web standards, is more accessible for users, and utilizes contemporary technologies to dynamically generate pages. Information on the site has been completely restructured to make things easier to find, and a considerable amount of new information has been added to include sections on Signals Intelligence, Research and Development, Acquisition/Business, Diversity, and Quality of Life.

Guided by Crypto Cat, the site's new mascot, younger audiences will find coloring book pages, puzzles, brainteasers, codes and ciphers, and other cryptology-related games.

The new site targets a display in modern (current release version), standards-compliant browsers while enabling the site navigation to work and retain content usability with older browsers. Visitors to the new site will receive the best browsing experience using a web browser that is no more than one year old in its release version.

Check out the new look for America's Codemakers and Codebreakers at