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Press Release | April 7, 2004

National Security Agency To Hire 1500 People by September 2004

The National Security Agency intends to hire approximately 1,500 people by September 2004 in an effort to meet the increasing needs of the ever-changing Intelligence Community. Under the direction of the newly appointed chief of Human Resources, Mr. John Taflan, the Agency is looking to increase the number of new hires by 1,500 per year for the next five years, which would be an unprecedented event for NSA.

Mr. Taflan and his team are looking for people who are experienced in foreign language, especially in Arabic and Chinese; intelligence analysis; signals analysis; the technical fields (mathematics, computer science, engineering and physical sciences); and acquisition. Non-technical jobs are also available, and job seekers are encouraged to submit their resumes on our web site at /careers/. This is the largest recruiting effort since the 1980s, and NSA is averaging about three new employees a day with an increase to four to six a day in the summer months.

The National Security Agency offers outstanding opportunities to its employees including work affecting national security and working with the latest technology. Additional benefits include flexible schedules, travel possibilities, federal benefits, educational opportunities, and the chance to work with a diverse group of people.

Mr. Taflan is available for interview by contacting the Public and Media Affairs Office at 301-688-6524 or by emailing