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Press Release | Aug. 30, 2007

NSA/CSS Hawaii Groundbreaking Advances National Security


The National Security Agency/Central Security Service broke ground for its new operations facility at NSA/CSS Hawaii (NSAH) on 30 August 2007. NSAH's expansion is one facet of the Agency's efforts to evolve a global cryptologic enterprise that is resilient, agile, and effective in prosecuting a dynamic threat environment.

Lieutenant General Keith B. Alexander, USA, Director, NSA/Chief, CSS, has great expectations for the new facility. "What will rise from this site," he said, "is NSA's commitment to continue to provide our national and tactical decision-makers with the best cryptologic support possible. This building, its design, its infrastructure, its capabilities, and its location will support and protect an unparalleled intellectual combine."

The new operations facility will provide NSAH's cryptologic professionals the tools necessary to rapidly access, display, share, and collaboratively interpret data from a broad variety of sources and at various classification levels. Enhanced capabilities, coupled with ongoing policy changes and cultural evolution, will eliminate physical, virtual, and systemic barriers to information sharing.

Captain Jan E. Tighe, USN, NSAH Commander, expressed her appreciation to members of the NSAH workforce. "I'm proud to lead such a dedicated group of professionals who work so hard and accomplish so much in the defense of our Nation," she said.

NSAH assures a decisive information advantage for our nation and allies to preempt, disrupt, or defeat adversaries and to protect our national interests by conducting relevant signals intelligence, information assurance, and network warfare operations.

The Agency, headquartered at Ft. George G. Meade, Maryland, leads the intelligence community in delivering responsive, reliable, effective, and expert signals intelligence and information assurance products and services, and enables network warfare operations to gain a decisive information advantage for the nation and our allies.

For more information regarding the new NSAH facility, contact Ms. Liz Egan, NSAH Corporate Communications, at 808-655-3209.