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Press Release | Dec. 20, 2007

NSA Announces the Winners of the 17th Annual Frank B. Rowlett Awards for Information Assurance

Lieutenant General Keith B. Alexander, Director, NSA/CSS and the NSA Information Assurance Deputy Director, Ms. Joan Ruhl, announced the recipients of the 17th Annual Frank B. Rowlett Awards for Information Assurance at a ceremony held at NSA Headquarters, Fort Meade, MD, last month.

In 1990, the National Security Agency awarded the first Information Systems Security National Awards, named in honor of the cryptologic pioneer Frank B. Rowlett. The awards recognize outstanding organizational and individual excellence in the field of information systems security. At this year's ceremony, General Alexander stated, ". . . there are many threats to the continuity of our national government, and perhaps the biggest one is the threat to our information networks . . . we have to be smarter, faster, and more agile than those trying to penetrate our networks. Today what we are going to do is honor a group of folks, individuals and teams, who have done all that and more. The Frank B. Rowlett Award is about solving problems. It is about perseverance in the face of tough challenges and the dedication to the protection of our nation's security . . . I personally congratulate each of the nominees. You have already accomplished great things to be considered for this award."

The highlight of the Frank B. Rowlett Award ceremony was the announcement of the winners, the Air Force Intru sion Prevention and Response Team (Lackland Air Force Base) and the Information Assurance Chief for Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps.

For more information, please contact NSA Public Affairs at 301-688-6524 or by emailing For more information on Frank B. Rowlett, please see NSA's Hall of Honor Website at /about/cryptologic-heritage/center-cryptologic-history/hall-of-honor/1999/frowlett.shtml.