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Press Release | Dec. 18, 2009

NSA Goes "Greener," Leads the Nation in Recycling Ceiling Tiles

FORT MEADE, Md.  –  

The National Security Agency (NSA) was recognized by Armstrong World Industries (AWI) on December 18 for being the nation's leader in recycling ceiling tiles. NSA started recycling ceiling tiles in September 2008 and processed more than 400,000 ceiling tiles by November 2009.

NSA also adopted the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines as part of its "NSA Goes Green" program. These efforts help the Agency improve its buildings, making them more efficient on the inside for its workers and more environmentally friendly on the outside for the community. NSA's ever-growing "green" program includes recycling ceiling tiles and other materials, improving its buildings, and adding fuel efficient cars to its fleet of government vehicles.

According to AWI, recycling 400,000 square feet of ceiling tiles is equivalent to diverting 400,000 pounds of waste from landfills or saving 278,000 kilowatt hours of energy. As one of the largest employers in Maryland, NSA takes its responsibility to be a good neighbor and environmentally sound very seriously.

For more information, please contact the NSA Public Affairs Office at at or visit NSA's "NSA Goes Green" page.