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Press Release | Oct. 18, 2010

Introducing the CyberTwins™, NSA's Newest CryptoKids®

In observance of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month,  the National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) is proud to announce two new additions to the CryptoKids® family.

Cy and Cyndi love everything "cyber." Both are world travelers,  taking turns accompanying their Dad (a computer scientist for the U.S. Army) on his business trips around the world. To keep in touch while they are traveling with their Dad Cy and Cyndi use social networking and video chat.

Cy loves playing real-life virtual computer games with his Dad. Through this time together,  Cy has gained a lot of experience and is known by all his friends to be the "best gamer on the block."

Cy and Cyndi's mother is an engineer for the U.S. government. Her love of electronics and gadgets is shared by Cyndi. One of Cyndi's favorite things to do is to take apart her gadgets and figure out how they work.

Both love to talk with other kids who love computers and cyber space as much as they do. When they discovered how many kids did not know about staying safe while enjoying cyberspace,  they teamed up to teach Cybersecurity Awareness to kids everywhere.

Cy and Cyndi will be formally joining the "CryptoKids®" gang. Check back soon to hear more of their story! To learn more about the "CryptoKids®" gang,  visit the NSA kids page.

For more information,  please contact NSA Public and Media Affairs at or 301-688-6524.