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Press Release | Jan. 31, 2014

Richard H. Ledgett Jr. Named NSA's New Deputy Director

FORT MEADE, Md.  –  

GEN Keith Alexander - Commander, U.S. Cyber Command/Director, NSA/Chief, CSS - is pleased to announce that Richard "Rick" Ledgett is now the 15th Deputy Director of the National Security Agency. In his new role as the senior civilian at NSA, Ledgett acts as the agency's chief operating officer - guiding strategies, setting internal policies, and serving as the principal adviser to the Director.

He is an award-winning intelligence professional who, for more than 35 total years, has worked as a collector, analyst, manager, and senior leader. He replaced John "Chris" Inglis, who retired from the position this month. This week the administration approved the selection and the Secretary of Defense announced it.

"Rick has demonstrated his exceptional leadership in a series of increasingly important positions within NSA and at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence," GEN Alexander said. "He has a long, distinguished career in intelligence, having served as the Chief of the NSA/CSS Threat Operations Center; the first National Intelligence Manager for Cyber and principal adviser to the Director of National Intelligence on cyber matters; and most recently as the lead for NSA's Media Leaks Task Force."

Ledgett has received numerous honors, including the Presidential Rank Award for Distinguished and Meritorious Service, the National Intelligence Superior Service Medal, and the Exceptional Civilian Service and Meritorious Civilian Service awards.

The new position, he said, is both a privilege and a challenge that he welcomes.

"The American people have placed great trust in us. And each and every day, NSA strives to be deserving of it," Ledgett said. "All of our efforts are focused on ensuring the liberty and security of our fellow Americans." Since last summer, many unauthorized media disclosures have been characterized in ways that paint an inaccurate picture of the agency's foreign intelligence mission, oversight, and compliance.

"We know the public seeks a better understanding of our work," Ledgett said, "and we are deeply committed to being more transparent. We care just as much as everyone else about the rule of law and defending the nation in ways that are accountable. We work for our fellow citizens, not against them."

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The Department of Defense's announcement is available on its web site.