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Press Release | Oct. 21, 2013

General Alexander Statement Regarding Cybersecurity Awareness Month

This October marks the 10th anniversary of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Cybersecurity is vital to our economy and our way of life, and ultimately the security of our nation. The Internet, a virtual global city in which we all participate and benefit, is part of the fabric of our daily lives. But just as in our cities and towns, this virtual city attracts criminals and those who would do us harm.

Too many of us have been affected in some way by the dangers in cyberspace - viruses, malware, and identity theft are prevalent and cost millions of dollars each year in time and money. We all must work to be safe users on the Internet. I urge you to consider how you can help by practicing good network hygiene with strong passwords and security protection, and by ensuring that our Internet-savvy children and grandchildren are as familiar with the principles of cybersecurity as they are with the latest games and apps.

Cybersecurity takes a team effort and is a responsibility shared by all - from the individual user of a computer or smart phone, to industry, academia, and government. Cybersecurity is critical to ensure a safe, secure, resilient cyberspace where the American way of life can thrive.

In observance of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, I urge you to Stop and Think before you Connect to do your part to keep the Internet - our virtual city - safe place to positively interact and thrive. For more information about National Cyber Security Awareness Month and the Stop.Think.Connect. campaign, please visit the website, powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance.