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News | Oct. 5, 2022

NSA Affiliates Donate More Than 86 Tons of Food To Help Fight Hunger

FORT MEADE, Md. — National Security Agency (NSA) affiliates across the Enterprise banded together to donate more than 172,700 pounds of food — that’s 86+ tons — to the Feds Feed Families (FFF) campaign this year.

The 2022 Feds Feed Families campaign ran from June through August. The theme this year was "Fighting hunger. Giving hope."

“The contributions we are able to make individually and together will give hope to so many who are less fortunate," said GEN Paul M. Nakasone, Commander, USCYBERCOM, Director, NSA/Chief, CSS.

This year’s FFF goal was to collect 140,000 pounds — a little more than 10% increase from the previous year.

“Donations started off slow, but NSA affiliates rose to the occasion and surpassed last year’s donations by nearly 36%,” FFF Program Manager Ciera Barnes said.

The Cryptologic Centers were instrumental in helping the Agency reach its goal, collecting over 138,000 pounds.

NSA/CSS Georgia came out on top with more than 82,900 pounds, of which 78,600 pounds were converted from online donations. The Department of Agriculture uses a standard conversion formula for all participating agencies that every $1 donated equates to five pounds.

NSA/CSS Utah collected 19,465 pounds, with an astounding 19,000 pounds received from online donations.

NSA/CSS Colorado (NSAC) collected 14,340 pounds, of which 3,650 pounds were non-perishable donations. NSAC’s goal this campaign was to reintroduce in-kind donations to the workforce following restrictions in 2021.

NSA/CSS Texas increased its online donations by 10,500 pounds and brought in a total of 13,931 pounds when combined with non-perishable donations. Similar to NSAC, the focus this campaign was to reintroduce in-kind donations to the workforce following restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NSA/CSS Hawaii also increased its online donations to over 5,625 pounds this year. The Cryptologic Center’s total donations received was 6,729 pounds. Sugar Grove Research Station’s 1,550 pounds of donations in 2022 was almost triple the donations received last year.

Overall, when combined with current Combined Federal Campaign pledges, NSA collected more than 1.07 million pounds of food in this year’s campaign, an overall 2.35% increase from 2021.

NSA/CSS Washington (NSAW) donated more than 33,800 pounds of food and toiletry items to the Maryland Food Bank, a Combined Federal Campaign charity located in Baltimore. The Maryland SPCA received nearly 740 pounds of pet food, treats, and toys collected during the Community Dog Walk, second annual Family Bike Ride, and various Stuff the Truck events around NSAW.

“I am once again impressed and touched by the generosity of the NSA family,” said Barry Boseman, chief of the State and Local Affairs office.