News | April 7, 2021

Overcoming Communication Challenges in the Age of COVID-19

For this year’s World Health Day, the National Security Agency takes pride in continuing to ensure its employees have working conditions that are conducive to good health as we support our workforce through the COVID-19 pandemic. Like so many other organizations, NSA entered uncharted territory when presented with the challenge of maintaining our critical mission for the nation during this challenging time

Prior to the pandemic, NSA offered many ways in which the workforce could have direct interaction with their leadership. From town halls to brown bag lunches, hearing from employees about their concerns and delivering important information has been critical to mission success. This requirement didn’t change with COVID-19, so the Agency moved quickly to implement CDC guidance while offering accessible ways to ensure workforce engagement across the enterprise.

The near-elimination of in-person meetings dramatically increased the Agency’s use of video chat capabilities, while equipping and empowering our people to operate in a virtual environment. Many leaders hosted virtual town halls, video conferences with live questions, and joined internal collaboration platforms to reach the entire workforce and provide them with vital information on how the Agency was addressing the pandemic and employee concerns.

These changes, while necessary during a world health crisis, laid a foundation for the future as well. The expansion of virtual meetings provided teams with the ability to meet face-to-face regardless of their locations. Collaboration platforms within NSA are easier and more accessible than ever before.

The COVID-19 outbreak challenged many organizations to reevaluate the way they communicate with their employees and work collaboratively. NSA met the challenge head on, and continues to adapt to world events to ensure its workforce has the tools and safeguards needed to protect the nation and collaborate effectively.