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News | Jan. 28, 2021

Computing Society Honors NSA Cybersecurity Expert

Dr. Josiah Dykstra, NSA’s Cybersecurity Collaboration Center Subject Matter Expert, has been recognized as a Distinguished Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). He shares this distinction with 63 other members of ACM awards class of 2020 across industry and governments around the globe. To achieve this distinction, Dr. Dykstra was nominated by ACM Fellows, who he considers both peers and mentors. 

ACM is an international scholarly society made up of students and professionals in the world of computing, of which, Dr. Dykstra, considers himself a practitioner.

“I’m honored to be recognized. The nomination represents my entire career, including external research in digital forensics, the study of human interactions with computers and cyber, and my service to the U.S. at NSA.”

In the Cybersecurity Collaboration Center, Dr. Dykstra works across government and industry to solve difficult problems that ensure security across the Department of Defense, National Security Systems, and the Defense Industrial Base.

“The work we do at NSA benefits the Nation, but through this work, we also make global contributions in cybersecurity,” states Dr. Dykstra, “just as we (the United States) benefit from global cybersecurity.”

Dr. Dykstra joined the ACM as a student. Throughout his career, Dr. Dykstra has continued his membership with this organization, publishing in its journals and speaking to students and other members of the organization. He is also an ACM Distinguished Speaker, and regularly lectures about his research and work at NSA.

His contributions to the computing community have recently been recognized by the ACM. Last month, Dr. Dykstra was recognized as an ACM Distinguished Member, an honor he shares with about 10% of the members of this international organization.

It’s this collaboration, sharing of best practices and information that drives Dr. Dykstra to engage with ACM membership. He believes professional organizations, such as ACM, provide a great avenue for people to come together, across disciplines and skill levels to learn, collaborate, and build a more secure world.