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News | Nov. 2, 2020

Federal Laboratory Consortium Names Two NSA Employees to Executive Board

By Reasearch Comms NSA

For the first time in National Security Agency (NSA) history, two female employees have been chosen to simultaneously serve on the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Executive Board. Employees Linda Burger and Karen Presley from the NSA Office of Research and Technology Applications (ORTA) were recently named to the FLC Executive Board. 

Ms. Burger has been appointed as Vice Chair and Ms. Presley the Educate Committee chairperson by a 24-member board from various federal labs. In their newly appointed roles, both will continue to demonstrate the creative implementation of Federal tech transfer (T2) in a broader, more expansive forum, helping the federal group amplify its impact and efforts, as they have done at NSA. 

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to serve as a leader and influence federal technology transfer for the entire nation as well as right here at NSA,” said Ms. Burger. 

The FLC represents 300 federal government research labs, agencies, and research centers across the country. Its mission is to promote, facilitate, and educate federal T2 among its member labs in order for them to reach their commercialization goals and create social and economic impact with new innovative technologies. The FLC provides the tools, services, and educational resources that reflect the latest science and technology legislation through the most current technological platforms. 

Ms. Presley will lead one of the three strategic committees in the FLC, focusing on improving education for its members. She will be the first to serve in this newly minted role that was created as a result of FLC’s new organizational structure. The team will provide progressive full spectrum education and training and networking opportunities for federal T2 professionals and key internal stakeholders.  

“Education is vital and learning is continual. I saw the possibility and I wanted to be the change! To be able to influence technology transfer as well as advance and implement new training is an amazing opportunity,” Ms. Presley said. 

This monumental accomplishment showcases the great contributions of NSA’s mission to technology transfer and how the Agency is expanding its influence in advancing federal T2. 

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