News | Oct. 25, 2019

NSA Article - Innovation and Diversity - We want to see you in Honolulu!


NSA Challenge 2019
NSA Logo and NSA Challenge 2019 Banner
NSA Challenge 2019
NSA Challenge 2019
NSA Logo and NSA Challenge 2019 Banner
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Innovation drives the success of NSA mission, and the diversity of NSA’s workforce fosters that innovation through ideas and contributions of individuals from different backgrounds. This is why for the past five years, the NSA’s Hispanic/Latino Employee Resource Group (HLAT ERG) has maintained a strong relationship with the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS). NSA and SACNAS are working toward a mutual goal: to present employment and developmental opportunities to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) students and professionals from underrepresented communities.

This year, SACNAS is hosting their 2019 SACNAS National Diversity in STEM Conference on October 31 – November 2 in Honolulu, Hawaii. During the conference, NSA will lead multiple events in partnership with U.S. Intelligence Community agencies and will provide attendees the opportunity to learn more about NSA’s mission. Events will include:

NSA is committed to the community and looks forward to engaging with you during the 2019 SACNAS Conference. Come and meet NSA’s workforce and learn about exciting job opportunities in support of NSA mission and how you can have a role in it!

SACNAS 2019 NSA Math Challenge – get hands on experience implementing data analysis and decryption methods. Anyone interested in data analysis, cryptography and/or math is encouraged to participate. 

Work through an easy-to-follow tutorial to learn skills necessary to break real ciphers! The challenge will be performed in an old fashion way, using a pdf document. Participants are required to take a copy of the challenge from any of the NSA’s info tables at the conference or download their own copy from here to participate. Submit the challenge answers to NSA representatives at the Career Fair on Thursday, October 31, 2019 from 9am to 12pm. Participant correctly completing the challenge will be entering a raffle for a chance to win a spot in the NSAH field trip on Saturday, November 1, 2019. 

Due to inherent security restrictions, all NSA employees, candidates for employment, and site visitors are required to hold U.S. Citizenship. Challenge winner(s) are required to provide two form of ID to participate in NSAH Field Trip.  IDs will be required at the moment of entering NSA facilities. Below is a list of accepted ID forms: 

  1. Raised Seal Birth Certificate
  2. Current/Valid US Passport
  3. Valid US Citizen Birth Abroad Certificate
  4. Valid Naturalization Certificate 

*** Please note Read ID Act compliant Driver’s Licenses or IDs are NOT valid proofs of citizenship ***