News | Oct. 7, 2019

NSA Employee Satisfaction Continues to Rise


What’s it like to work at the National Security Agency? According to our employees, life is good. The results from this year’s Intelligence Community (IC) Climate Survey show the people who work at NSA are dedicated- saying they are constantly looking for ways to do their jobs better, to collaborate with each other, and enjoy work-life balance. The overall climate indicator, or measurement of employee satisfaction is 70%, an improvement of 5% from last year.

The yearly survey asks questions like how satisfied are you with your job and your organization and spans topics from innovation, to leadership and teamwork, to work-life balance. Employees can participate anonymously.

The 2019 survey, officially called the OPM Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, is used by NSA leaders to identify ways to make the workplace a more supportive, equitable environment where every voice is heard and respected to drive our mission. The survey is a valuable tool to help us better understand what our workers need to not only succeed but to thrive.

Some notable highlights from the 2019 survey include:

  • 92% of our colleagues report that they are constantly looking for ways to do their jobs better.
  • 90% of our colleagues report that their supervisor supports their needs to balance work and other life issues and that their supervisor treats them with respect.
  • 89% of our colleagues report that the people they work with cooperate to get the job done.

Respect for People is one of our NSA core values that drives us to a relentless pursuit to make NSA an engaging and empowering place to work.