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News | Dec. 21, 2017

NSA Hosts Largest Ever Career Invitational; 300+ Receive Job Offers

Hundreds of hopeful job seekers converged at a local hotel on 28 November, marking the National Security Agency's largest career invitational held to date. And more than 300 of them walked away with what felt like an early holiday gift: an on-the-spot conditional job offer (CJO).

The agency hosted a total of 455 interviews for positions in highly sought after fields such as computer science, business, and language. Candidates interviewed for positions in 12 language fields, making it clear why NSA remains one of the largest employers of language analysts in the U.S. government.

According to the event's coordinator, "What makes this event so unique is that NSA brings agency recruiters representing in-demand career fields directly to hundreds of applicants on one day in a sort of speed dating-style format. Interviewees can interview for one position or even multiple positions depending on their skill set and leave the hotel with more than one offer. The energy on both sides is so motivating. It's great to see so many people want to join our mission."

So what attracted hundreds of people to NSA? According to one potential hire, the answer was simple: "to serve my country." This theme resonated throughout the event. Working in a classified environment involves both sacrifice and a higher level of commitment than what is expected in private industry, but the sacrifice is worth it when you are helping defend the country.

NSA holds events like this once or twice a year to facilitate its application process. This year marked a high point, however, as NSA is in the midst of a major recruitment campaign with the aggressive goal to hire 2,110 employees in 2018 to fill critical positions. The agency is looking to stay on the cutting edge and understands that people are the key. As Deputy Director George Barnes puts it, "Our strategic advantage for 65 years now at NSA has been to draw in the best of the best with the drive and the passion to protect our nation, and it's that drive that actually brings them to these solutions, just the energy that they exert. They dedicate their lives to these things. They're selfless, and that's our power -- … our people."

To join the ranks of these talented individuals, visit to learn more about working for the National Security Agency.