News | April 20, 2015

Celebrating Volunteer Recognition Day: Home is Where You Hang Your Hat, Scarf and Stockings

An NSA liaison has been busy. At a children's home far away, many of its residents have lost a parent and cannot be looked after by family. It is there that the NSA liaison began to weave a tapestry of kindness and charity. She reached out to the children home's management to fashion a special ongoing relationship. And, with each stitch, the liaison integrated American culture, the English language, and a bit of good will into the lives of children.

Recognizing that resources at the children's home are limited, the liaison gives weekly English lessons to two adolescents. Like all children, how well they do in school now can have a huge impact later. If the children are accepted into a university, they have a shot at higher education and associated stipends. Knowing English well can set them apart and improve their chances of succeeding in life. Additionally, the children reap the benefits of one-on-one mentoring and serious tender loving care. An American has befriended them. Their eyes are now open to our unique culture, and their world has gone from local to global.

This is not the only act of kindness at the children's home. During the 2014 holidays, the liaison convinced her coworkers to share in spreading Christmas cheer. They played Santa Claus and provided Christmas stockings to the children's home. Keeping in mind that the children know all about Christmas stockings, but don't receive them, the NSA liaison became an American ambassador. The kids were thrilled! Operation Kris Kringle was so popular that the site plans to continue this tradition in 2015.

The country stays cold and dark long into the New Year, so warm scarves are always welcome. As Christmas gifts, the liaison and her U.S. military friends knitted scarves for the kids in their favorite colors. The children also received personalized gifts with their names, thus creating a happy and festive holiday season for all. Friendships were made, traditions were honored--and some new ones created!

NSA recognizes all of our employees who serve as volunteers and provide assistance when needed.