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News | Oct. 29, 2015

NSA to the Next Generation: "The Nation Needs You!" Agency Launches NSA Day of Cyber

In today's Digital Age, the public and private sectors are renewing efforts to inspire the next generation to pursue careers in cybersecurity and related fields. Year after year, the numbers of U.S. college graduates in those disciplines are insufficient to meet proliferating cybersecurity challenges and threats to the nation's networks, infrastructure, and way of life. To maintain the digital advantage over adversaries, the nation must attract, educate, and retain a cadre of the best and brightest.

A collective effort by academia, industry, associations, and government is needed to help develop the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. "NSA Day of Cyber," launched today, is a national initiative designed to do just that.

"Cybersecurity is an issue that touches virtually every segment of the public and private sectors," said NSA Associate Director for Human Resources Kathy Hutson.

The initiative will introduce more than 40 million students in middle school, high school, and college to in-demand digital careers in cybersecurity and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics generally.

"Corporate espionage, data leakage and loss, privacy, and related issues impact many businesses," Hutson said. "This has created a growing need for trained and certified cybersecurity workers."

The centerpiece of the NSA Day of Cyber is "LifeJourney," an interactive, self-guided, and fully automated cyber science awareness program, which incorporates cybersecurity, information technology, information security, and more. LifeJourney allows students to test-drive cyber careers and live a day in the life of six leading NSA cyber professionals.

The NSA Day of Cyber, launched during National Cyber Security Awareness Month, is available free of charge to students across the United States.

Registration is currently open. More information is available online at