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News | Nov. 24, 2015

NSA Employees: A Calling and An Honor

This November, NSA employees share why they see working at NSA as a calling and an honor.

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Infographic Description:

NSA Employees: A Calling and An Honor

  • "I feel a strong calling to be a role model to other women. I am fully devoted to my country, our community and family values to continue to make America superb."

    – Dr. Irene Zoppi Rodriguez, NSA New Employee Orientation Instructor

  • "Cyber teats are always evolving. There are always new things to do. And there are always real and pervasive teats against the nation, so it's important work."

    – Dr. Josiah Dykstra, NSA Team Technical Director

  • "NSA's mission deserves the rich environment of ideas and collaboration that comes from having a truly diverse workforce where all are valued."

    – Debora Plunkett, NSA's Senior Advisor for Equality

  • "We literally do save lives. I work with people who are the smartest, most ethical in the country, and they care deeply about the Constitution."

    – Dr. Deborah Frincke, NSA Research Director

  • "I am honored to have the chance to serve at this critical time, to support an agency that works around the clock, protecting our country with the utmost integrity."

    – Jonathan Freed, Director of Strategic Communications

  • "The open-source community can leverage the work that NSA has produced, and the government can benefit from that community's expertise and perspective. It's a win for everyone – and for the nation itself."

    – Linda Burger, Director of the NSA Technology Transfer Program

  • "NSA is a great place to be and provides you with many opportunities to develop professionally."

    – Glorian Rivera-Alvarez, Chief, Global Facilities Planning

  • "The (cybersecurity) field is constantly changing, and work here keeps me on the leading edge of that change. We must make cyberspace secure for ourselves as individuals and for the nation as a whole. Every new technology brings new teats and challenges."

    – Steven LaFountain, Dean of NSA's College of Cyber

  • "While I do not do 'hands-on' engineering anymore, in my current role, I have the ability to empower others and liberate innovative ideas."

    – Dr. Aaron Ferguson, NSA Deputy Technical Director

  • "Given my lifelong interest in homeland security and international matters, it is an honor to be able to assist NSA in a mission that is now more vital than ever."

    – Glenn Gerstell, NSA General Counsel