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News | April 17, 2018

April 2018 Puzzle Periodical - 'APRIL = MATH'

By Benjamin E., NSA Mathematician

Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month Challenge

Creator Challenge Difficulty Rating: Easy


April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. Here's a word of the month challenge for you:

A mathematical way to write this statement is: "APRIL = MATH."

Let's find out how true this statement is. Can you replace each letter with its place in the alphabet (A=1, P=16, R=18, I=9, L=12, M=13, T=20, H=8), and insert a plus or minus sign between each pair of adjacent letters so that the equation is true?

For example, 1+16+18-9-12 = 13-1+20+8 does not work, because the left side evaluates to 14 while the right side evaluates to 40.

Click to see the answer!


There are three solutions:

A+P-R-I+L = M+A-T+H 1+16-18-9+12 = 13+1-20+8
A-P+R+I-L = M-A-T+H 1-16+18+9-12 = 13-1-20+8
A-P+R+I+L = M-A+T-H 1-16+18+9+12 = 13-1+20-8

Happy Math Month!

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