News | April 13, 2015

15th Annual Cyber Defense Exercise begins today

The 15th Annual Cyber Defense Exercise (CDX) 2015 will begin today, April 13, 2015, and the winner will be announced on Friday, April 17, 2015. CDX is an annual cyber security exercise in which students from the service academies design and build computer networks and defend them against intrusions by the National Security Agency/Central Security Services (NSA/CSS) Red Team (Red Cell).

CDX will be headquartered at the PARSONS facility in Columbia, MD, this year.

Schools participating in the 2015 exercise:

  • United States Military Academy
  • United States Naval Academy
  • United States Air Force Academy
  • United States Coast Guard Academy
  • United States Merchant Marine Academy
  • Royal Military College of Canada


More information about NSA and previous Cyber Defense Exercises is available online in the CDX media advisory.