News | Dec. 14, 2016

NSA Professionals: Deployed to Carry out the Mission

Supporting U.S. service members around the world is one of the National Security Agency's primary responsibilities.

Our information assurance experts make sure that military communications and data remain secure - and out of the hands of adversaries. We also provide real-time support to military operations through tactical signals intelligence activities. And this work is frequently done on the ground with our warfighters.

Since 2001, for example, there have been more than 18,000 deployments of NSA personnel to hostile areas. Our men and women volunteered to serve alongside U.S. troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other dangerous areas, providing them with force protection, critical intelligence, and secure communications. Many completed multiple deployments - going out again and again to assist our troops.

We never forget that our fellow Americans depend on us, stateside and abroad, to help keep them safe.