NSA Cybersecurity Advisories & Guidance

NSA leverages its elite technical capability to develop advisories and mitigations on evolving cybersecurity threats.

Browse or search our repository of advisories, info sheets, tech reports, and operational risk notices listed below. Some resources have access requirements.

For a subset of cybersecurity products focused on telework and general network security for end users, view our Telework and Mobile Security Guidance page here.

ImageTitlePublication Date
 Info Sheet: Transition to Multi-Factor Authentication (August 2019)8/30/2019
 Info Sheet: Continuously Hunt for Network Intrusions (August 2019)8/30/2019
 Info Sheet: Top 10 Mitigation Strategies (March 2018)7/16/2019
 DDD-190716-858-060.PDFAdvisory: Patch Remote Desktop Services On Legacy Versions of Windows (June 2019)6/1/2019
 DDD-190716-296-078.PDFInfo Sheet: Defending Your DNS Infrastructure (June 2019)6/1/2019
 DDD-190716-221-082.PDFInfo Sheet: Boot Security Modes Recommendations (June 2019)6/1/2019
 DDD-190716-288-053.PDFAdvisory: Guidance For Vulnerabilities Affecting Modern Processors - Update 2 (May 2019)5/1/2019
 DDD-190716-967-086.PDFInfo Sheet: Limiting ptrace on Production Linux Systems (May 2019)5/1/2019
 DDD-190716-323-057.PDFAdvisory: Update Earlier Versions of Solaris to 11.4 (March 2019)3/1/2019
 DDD-190716-546-059.PDFAdvisory: Updated Guidance For Vulnerabilities Affecting Modern Processors (January 2019)1/25/2019
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