Sharing our Storied Past

From innovative technology to workforce contributions, NSA boasts a rich history in serving the nation.


NSA proudly shares our history and cryptologic heritage with the public to demonstrate our critical contributions in defense of the nation. Before NSA's rich history began, we created a symbol to start our story. 

Past Leadership

NSA provides a list of NSA directors, vice/deputy directors, and CSS deputy chiefs since its inception, including NSA’s predecessor the Armed Forces Services Agency, who helped build our proud legacy.

National Cryptologic Museum (NCM)

The NCM is NSA’s gateway to the public and educates visitors about the role of cryptology in shaping history.

Cryptologic History

Through our Center for Cryptologic History, NSA shares the significant contributions made by cryptologists in defense of our nation as we work to secure the future.

National Cryptologic Memorial

The NSA Cryptologic Memorial honors those who gave their lives serving in silence to defend the nation and secure the future.