Vietnam Prisoner of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) Documents

September 2014

On 13 July 1992, the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs levied a task on NSA/CSS to review SIGINT reporting for relevance to the Vietnam POW/MIA issue and possible correlation to individual POW/MIA cases. NSA/CSS provided the Committee with three Correlation Studies, produced in August 1992, September 1993, and September 1996. Most of the information mentioned in these studies is chronologically organized by Reference Number (RefNo), which is listed as case #, and includes the incident date. The Department of Defense assigned RefNos to each incident in which there was the potential loss of life or capture. There are some entries without a RefNo or case #, but do have the incident date. The earliest incident is dated 1951 and the last 1988.

Over the next several months, NSA/CSS will post over 1600 additional documents related to POW/MIAs in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The documents are NSA field site reporting, NSA end product, summary reporting, memoranda, watch officers notes, and analyst communications. For ease of searching, those documents will be accessible under links posted for each RefNo for which they contain pertinent information.

The correlation studies and the documents related to the incidents have been previously released under the FOIA in the past, but they have never before been posted together, facilitating access to families and historians. In addition, the documents have been reviewed using the most current guidance, making this release the most complete of any prior releases.


 282ND AAA REGIMENT ISSUES COMMUNIQUE 1703.PDF282nd AAA Regiment Issues Communique 1703
 292ND RECONNAISSANCE REGIMENT DISCUSSES U.S. JAMMING TECHNIQUES 1915.PDF292nd Reconnaissance Regiment Discusses U.S. Jamming Techniques 1915
 29TH REGIMENT REPORTS DEATH OF SENIOR GENERAL NGUYEN CHI THANH 0755.PDF29th Regiment Reports Death of Senior General Nguyen Chi Thanh 0755
 389TH SAM REGIMENT REPORTS CAPTURING A PILOT 1952.PDF389th SAM Regiment Reports Capturing a Pilot 1952
 389TH SAM REGIMENT REPORTS CAPTURING A PILOT 1953.PDF389th SAM Regiment Reports Capturing a Pilot 1953
 4TH AAA BATTALION ISSUES SHOOTDOWN EMULATION REPORT 1704.PDF4th AAA Battalion Issues Shootdown Emulation Report 1704
 4TH AAA BATTALION REPORTS ON SHOOTDOWNS 1734.PDF4th AAA Battalion Reports on Shootdowns 1734
 4TH AAA BATTALION REPORTS SHOOTDOWN 1739.PDF4th AAA Battalion Reports Shootdown 1739
 4TH ENGINEER BATTALION REPORTS A SHOOTDOWN 1561.PDF4th Engineer Battalion Reports a Shootdown 1561
 4TH ENGINEERING BATTALION REPORTS SHOOTDOWN 1561.PDF4th Engineering Battalion Reports Shootdown 1561
 559TH AIR DEFENSE BUREAU REPORTS SHOOTDOWN OF ALLIED AIRCRAFT 1905.PDF559th Air Defense Bureau Reports Shootdown of Allied Aircraft 1905
 559TH TRANSPORTATION GROUP COMMUNIQUE REVEALS SHOOTDOWN 1558.PDF559th Transportation Group Communique Reveals Shootdown 1558
 559TH TRANSPORTATION GROUP ISSUES COMMUNIQUE 1582.PDF559th Transportation Group Issues Communique 1582
 559TH TRANSPORTATION GROUP ISSUES COMMUNIQUE 1600.PDF559th Transportation Group Issues Communique 1600
 559TH TRANSPORTATION GROUP ISSUES COMMUNIQUE ON SHOOTDOWN 1600.PDF559th Transportation Group Issues Communique on Shootdown 1600
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