The U.S. Army's Signal Intelligence Service, the precursor to the National Security Agency, began a secret program in February 1943 later codenamed VENONA

The mission of this small program was to examine and exploit Soviet diplomatic communications but after the program began, the message traffic included espionage efforts as well.

Although it took almost two years before American cryptologists were able to break the KGB encryption, the information gained through these transactions provided U.S. leadership insight into Soviet intentions and treasonous activities of government employees until the program was canceled in 1980.

The VENONA files are most famous for exposing Julius (code named LIBERAL) and Ethel Rosenberg and help give indisputable evidence of their involvement with the Soviet spy ring.

The first of six public releases of translated VENONA messages was made in July 1995 and included 49 messages about the Soviets' efforts to gain information on the U.S. atomic bomb research and the Manhattan Project. Over the course of five more releases, all of the approximately 3,000 VENONA translations were made public.

 14MAY_FEDOTOV.PDFMessage for FEDOTOV from APRAKSIN 14 May (Release 5)
 30JUL_UNTRACED_PERSONS.PDFMessage from "LUKA" to "VIKTOR" re untraced persons 30 July 1943 (Release 2)
 23JUL_TABOUIS.PDFMessage from "TABOUIS" regarding De Gaulle's Staff in North Africa 23 July 1943 (Release 2)
 16JUL_BASILOV.PDFMessage from BASILOV to Major General RATOV: trip to Geneva, KUKIN, VNEShTORG/UNRRA representative due from Washington
 22MAY_BELYAEV.PDFMessage from BELYaEV to MIKOYaN mentions "special document from President Roosevelt and Secretary of War Stimson" 22 May 1943 (Release 5)
 5FEB_MESSAGE_DIOGEN.PDFMessage from DIOG[EN] to SPRING 5 February (Release 5)
 2JAN_KUZNETSOV_BERLIN.PDFMessage from KUZNETsOV about Berlin 2 January (Release 5)
 7OCT_VETROV.PDFMessage on a political topic signed by VETROV
 8MAR_MESSAGE_TO_TAGOR.PDFMessage to "TAGOR": "KARLOS", "ARTUR" and "ALEKSANDR" 8 March (Release 5)
 27FEB_MESSAGE_TO_TAGORE.PDFMessage to "TAGORE" about "ARTHUR", "ALEXANDER" and others
 21JUL_MSG_KGB_SITES.PDFMessage to all KGB sites where to send intelligence data 21 July (Release 3)
 10DEC_BELYAEV_SHUMOVSKIJ.PDFMessage to BELYaEV and ShUMOVSKIJ on arrangements for transport of secret reports 10 December 1942 (Release 5)
 30DEC_COVERTERMS.PDFMessage to Beria explaining meaning of coverterms; reference to machine gun, pistols, Trotsky's murderer 30 December 1943 (Release 4)
 29JUL_MSG_MINK.PDFMessages signed by MINK
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