The U.S. Army's Signal Intelligence Service, the precursor to the National Security Agency, began a secret program in February 1943 later codenamed VENONA

The mission of this small program was to examine and exploit Soviet diplomatic communications but after the program began, the message traffic included espionage efforts as well.

Although it took almost two years before American cryptologists were able to break the KGB encryption, the information gained through these transactions provided U.S. leadership insight into Soviet intentions and treasonous activities of government employees until the program was canceled in 1980.

The VENONA files are most famous for exposing Julius (code named LIBERAL) and Ethel Rosenberg and help give indisputable evidence of their involvement with the Soviet spy ring.

The first of six public releases of translated VENONA messages was made in July 1995 and included 49 messages about the Soviets' efforts to gain information on the U.S. atomic bomb research and the Manhattan Project. Over the course of five more releases, all of the approximately 3,000 VENONA translations were made public.

 29JAN_KGB_PERSONALITY.PDFA KGB personality who does not know photography and cannot type.
 26JUN_US_ARMAMENTS.PDFA KGB report on US Armaments 26 June (Release 3)
 4MAY_GRU_MESSAGE.PDFA largely unreadable GRU message of 1942 4 May 1942 (Release 4)
 11MAY_ARGENTINIAN.PDFA letter from an Argentinian 11 May 1943 (Release 4)
 24APR_REGGIE.PDFA letter from covername REGGIE
 21DEC_ROSTARCHUK.PDFA letter from ROSTARChUK to MIKOYaN discussing matters of security among department chiefs 21 December 1942 (Release 5)
 11AUG_COVERNAMES.PDFA list of covernames for various Naval GRU agents 11 August 1943 (Release 4)
 18APR_SOVIET_NAVAL_GROUP.PDFA long counterintelligence report relating to the Soviet naval group in Florida. Concern about the work of U.S. Naval & military Intelligence. Complaints about Commander Erdman U. S. Navy. 18 April 1943 (Release 4)
 29JUN_PLOT_TROSKYS_MURDERER_PRISON.PDFA long detailed report about unreliability of a KGB agent involved in the plot to get Trotsky's murderer out of prison. Many KGB agents and officers mentioned
 11DEC_PETROV.PDFA message addressed Personal to PETROV {Beria} continues the story of the scandal involving IVERI's wife 11 December 1943 (Release 4)
 25FEB_PETROV.PDFA message from Beria (Petrov)
 31JAN_MESSAGE_REPEAT.PDFA message is to be repeated 31 January 1943 (Release 4)
 19APR_MESSAGE_REPEAT.PDFA message to be repeated 19 April 1943 (Release 4)
 11APR_MEXICAN_GENERAL.PDFA Mexican Army General and the KGB
 26JUN_MORE_COMPLETE_VERSION.PDFA more complete version of documents previously released in second venona release on 10 Oct 1995 26 June 1942 (Release 6)
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