U.S.S. Pueblo

 NK NAVY REFLECTIONS OF PUEBLO CREW (DOC ID 4121711).PDFNK Navy Reflections of Pueblo Crew (Doc ID 4121711)
 DOC_44_1.PDFNo Reflections on Movement of Pueblo Between 8 Jan and Initial SPOT Report (Doc ID 4062781)
 NORTH_KOREAN_AF_SUPPORT_DURING_THE_CAPTURE_OF_THE_USS_PUEBLO.PDFNorth Korean Air Force Support During the Capture of the USS Pueblo - 25 January 1968 (DTG 250617Z
 NORTH KOREAN NAVAL VESSELS APPROACH AND IDENTIFY USS PUEBLO (DOC ID 4062774).PDFNorth Korean Naval Vessels Approach and Identify USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4062774)
 NORTH_KOREAN_NAVY_VOICE_REFLECTIONS_OF_USSS_PUEBLO_SEIZURE_FOLLOW-UP_12.PDFNorth Korean Navy Voice Reflections of USS Pueblo Seizure Follow-Up 12 - 7 February 1968 (DTG 072040Z)
 NORTH_KOREAN_NAVY_VOICE_REFLECTIONS_OF_USS_PUEBLO_SEIZURE_FOLLOW-UP_12_AND_FINAL.PDFNorth Korean Navy Voice Reflections of USS Pueblo Seizure Follow-Up 12 and Final - 7 February 1968 (DTG 072040Z)
 NORTH_KOREAN_TRANSMISSIONS_FROM_JAN_68.PDFNorth Korean Transmissions from January 1968
 NSA ASSESSMENT OF COMSEC LOSS - USS PUEBLO (DOC ID 4092108).PDFNSA Assessment of COMSEC Loss - USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4092108)
 DOC_12.PDFNSA Assessment of USS Pueblo Loss (Communications Security) (Doc ID 4051720)
 DOC_13.PDFNSA Assessment of USS Pueblo Loss (Communications Security) (Doc ID 4051721)
 DOC_20.PDFNSA Damage Assessment Report Concerning the Loss of the USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4052395)
 DOC_12 (1).PDFNSA Pueblo Damage Assessment Report (Doc ID 4121716)
 NSA REPORT ON THE ASSESSMENT OF CRYPTOGRAPHIC DAMAGE RESULTING FROM THE LOSS OF THE PUEBLO (DOC ID 4051684).PDFNSA Report on the Assessment of Cryptographic Damage Resulting From the Loss of the Pueblo (Doc ID 4051684)
 NSA REPORT TO USIB ON STATUS OF KOREAN ACTIONS STEMMING FROM PUEBLO SITUATION (DOC ID 4052390).PDFNSA Report to USIB on Status of Korean Actions Stemming from Pueblo Situation (Doc ID 4052390)
 DOC_44 (1).PDFPaper for the Director Re Pueblo Mission Responsibilities and Authorities (Doc ID 4121757)
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