U.S.S. Pueblo

 INTELLIGENCE ASSESSMENT ON THE USS PUEBLO (DOC ID 4052400).PDFIntelligence Assessment on the USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4052400)
 DOC_25.PDFIntelligence Assessment on USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4052402)
 DOC_37.PDFJCS Requirement for Assessment of Pueblo Loss (Doc ID 4052438)
 KORCOM AIR DEFENSE TRACKING OF SOVIET TU-16'S DURING PERIOD THAT USS PUEBLO WAS ON STATION NEAR NORTH KOREA (DOC ID 4052458).PDFKORCOM Air Defense Tracking of Soviet Tu-16's During Period that USS Pueblo was on Station Near North Korea (Doc ID 4052458)
 KORCOM_SIGSUM_04-68.PDFKORCOM SIGSUM 04-68 for Period 210001Z Thru 272400Z Jan 68 - 29 January 1968 (DTG 290816Z)
 KOREAN_SIGINT_SUMMARY_229-68.PDFKorean SIGINT Summary 229-68
 KOREAN_SITUATION_SUMMARY_01-68.PDFKorean Situation Summary 01-68 - 29 January 1968 (DTG 290556Z)
 LESSONS OF THE PUEBLO AND EC-121 INCIDENTS (DOC ID 4051714).PDFLessons of the Pueblo and EC-121 Incidents (Doc ID 4051714)
 LOCATIONS OF PUEBLO AND KOMAR GUIDED MISSILE PATROL BOATS (DOC ID 4052426).PDFLocations of Pueblo and Komar Guided Missile Patrol Boats (Doc ID 4052426)
 MAP-NORTH KOREAN TERRITORIAL WATERS LIMIT AND PUEBLO POSITIONS (DOC ID 4052427).PDFMap-North Korean Territorial Waters Limit and Pueblo Positions (Doc ID 4052427)
 MAP-OPERATION PINKROOT I, USS PUEBLO (DOC ID 4052456).PDFMap-Operation Pinkroot I, USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4052456)
 DOC_13 (1).PDFMaterial Held by Pueblo (Doc ID 4121717)
 MEDIA REFERENCES TO PUEBLO (DOC ID 4121740).PDFMedia References to Pueblo (Doc ID 4121740)
 MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD ON HASC SECRET HEARINGS (DOC ID 4121701).PDFMemorandum for Record on HASC Secret Hearings (Doc ID 4121701)
 NK AIR ACTIVITY (DOC ID 4092127).PDFNK Air Activity (Doc ID 4092127)
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