U.S.S. Pueblo

 US-CRYPTOLOGIC-HISTORY-THE-CAPTURE-OF-THE-USS-PUEBLO.PDFThe Capture of the USS Pueblo and Its Effect on SIGINT Operations - 1992
 TERMINATION_OF_SIGINT_READINESS_ALFA_EXTENSIONS.PDFTermination of SIGINT Readiness Alfa Extensions - 21 February 1968 (DTG 212205Z)
 DOC_36.PDFTechnical Survey of the USS Pueblo Classified Equipment and Materials Upon Recovery (Doc ID 4052437)
 DOC_14 (1).PDFTech Survey of Pueblo Classified Material (Doc ID 4121718)
 PAPER FOR THE DIRECTOR RE PUEBLO MISSION RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITIES (DOC ID 4121757).PDFTalking Paper - Corrective Measures Following Pueblo Incident (Doc ID 4092116)
 SUSPECTED ECM ACTIVITIES DURING INCIDENT (DOC ID 4121735).PDFSuspected ECM Activities During Incident (Doc ID 4121735)
 DOC_59.PDFStatement Re Pueblo: Follow-up Questions and Answers (Doc ID 4092132)
 DOC_32.PDFSpecial Study - USS Pueblo Incident (Doc ID 4092103)
 DOC_14.PDFSIGINT/COMSEC Compromise as Result of North Korean Capture of USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4051722)
 SIGINT_SUMMARY_NUMBER_20-68.PDFSIGINT Summary Number 20-68 - 24 January 1968 (DTG 240111Z)
 SIGINT_SUMMARY_FOR_24_JANUARY_1968.PDFSIGINT Summary for 24 January 1968 (DTG 240821Z)
 SIGINT REVIEW OF USS PUEBLO INCIDENT (DOC ID 4051715).PDFSIGINT Review of USS Pueblo Incident (Doc ID 4051715)
 SIGINT REVIEW OF THE USS PUEBLO INCIDENT (10-23 JANUARY 1968) (DOC ID 4052430).PDFSIGINT Review of the USS Pueblo Incident (10-23 January 1968) (Doc ID 4052430)
 SIGINT REVIEW OF THE PUEBLO INCIDENT - FINAL REPORT OF AD HOC WORKING GROUP (DOC ID 4092120).PDFSIGINT Review of the Pueblo Incident - Final Report of Ad Hoc Working Group (Doc ID 4092120)
 SIGINT_REFLECTION_OF_UI_VESSEL_ACTIVITY_OFF_THE_NORTH_KOREAN_EAST_COAST.PDFSIGINT Reflections of UI Vessel Activity off the North Korean East Coast on 22 January 1968 - 8 February 1968 (DTG 080345Z)
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