U.S.S. Pueblo

 USS PUEBLO - SURROUNDED BY NK NAVY COMBATANTS (DOC ID 4092090).PDFUSS Pueblo - Surrounded by NK Navy Combatants (Doc ID 4092090)
 DOC_18.PDFUSS Pueblo (AGER-2); Classified Material Compromise (Doc ID 4052389)
 USS_PUEBLO_CAPTURE.PDFUSS Pueblo Capture - 24 January 1968 (240409Z)
 USS PUEBLO CAPTURE AFTERMATH TO 1330 EST (DOC ID 4063456).PDFUSS Pueblo Capture Aftermath to 1330 EST (Doc ID 4063456)
 USS PUEBLO CAPTURED BY NKN OFF EAST COAST OF NORTH KOREA (DOC ID 4062775).PDFUSS Pueblo Captured by NKN off East Coast of North Korea (Doc ID 4062775)
 DOC_25 (1).PDFUSS Pueblo Classified Material (Doc ID 4121732)
 USS PUEBLO INCIDENT - REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (DOC ID 4092076).PDFUSS Pueblo Incident - Request for Information (Doc ID 4092076)
 USS PUEBLO INCIDENT - REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION (DOC ID 4092077).PDFUSS Pueblo Incident - Requests for Information (Doc ID 4092077)
 USS PUEBLO INCIDENT - US VESSELS ENROUTE (DOC ID 4063429).PDFUSS Pueblo Incident - US Vessels Enroute (Doc ID 4063429)
 USS PUEBLO INCIDENT (DOC ID 4062784).PDFUSS Pueblo Incident (Doc ID 4062784)
 USS PUEBLO INCIDENT (DOC ID 4062800).PDFUSS Pueblo Incident (Doc ID 4062800)
 SS PUEBLO INCIDENT BRIEFING (DOC ID 4062757).PDFUSS Pueblo Incident Briefing (Doc ID 4062757)
 USS PUEBLO INCIDENT CHRONOLOGY TASK #1 ADDENDUM (DOC ID 4092074).PDFUSS Pueblo Incident Chronology Task #1 Addendum (Doc ID 4092074)
 USS PUEBLO INCIDENT CRITIC TRAFFIC (DOC ID 4062769).PDFUSS Pueblo Incident CRITIC Traffic (Doc ID 4062769)
 DOC_43_1.PDFUSS Pueblo Reflections (Doc ID 4062780)
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