U.S.S. Pueblo

 DOC_15.PDFDIRNSA Warns DSA of Probable SIGINT Compromise of North Korean Capture of USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4051723)
 DIAGRAM OF PUEBLO PRIOR TO NORTH KOREAN ATTACK (DOC ID 4123314).PDFDiagram of Pueblo Prior to North Korean Attack (Doc ID 4123314)
 DIAGRAM OF PUEBLO AFTER EMERGENCY DESTRUCTION (DOC ID 4123316).PDFDiagram of Pueblo After Emergency Destruction (Doc ID 4123316)
 DAMAGE_ASSESSMENT_OF_THE_COMPROMISE.PDFDamage Assessment of the Compromise of Operational Intelligence Broadcast Messages On Board USS Pueblo (AGER-2) - 17 March 1969
 DAILY_SIGINT_SUMMARY_FOR_24_JANUARY_1968.PDFDaily SIGINT Summary for 24 January 1968 (DTG 240821Z)
 CRYPTOLOGIC-CRYPTOGRAPHIC_DAMAGE_ASSESSMENT.PDFCryptologic/Cryptographic Damage Assessment USS Pueblo
 CRYPTOLOGIC_INVOLVEMENT_IN_USS_PUEBLO_INCIDENT.PDFCryptologic Involvement in USS Pueblo - 29 January 1968
 CRYPTOLOGIC_DAMAGE_ASSESSMENT_VOL_1.PDFCryptologic Damage Assessment Volume 1
 CRITIC FOLLOW-UP NR ONE AND FINAL TO CRITIC 1-68 (DOC ID 4092139).PDFCritic Follow-Up Nr One and Final to Critic 1-68 (Doc ID 4092139)
 CRITIC CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTS RELATING TO CAPTURE OF USS PUEBLO (DOC ID 4062746).PDFCritic Chronology of Events Relating to Capture of USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4062746)
 DOC_53.PDFCOMSEC Material On-Board Pueblo (Doc ID 4092126)
 CHRONOLOGY OF ACTIONS TAKEN RE PUEBLO INCIDENT (DOC ID 4121728).PDFChronology of Actions Taken re Pueblo Incident (Doc ID 4121728)
 DOC_27.PDFChronology of Actions Taken in Response to USS Pueblo Incident (Doc ID 4092098)
 CHRONOLOGICAL EVENTS RELATING TO THE SEIZURE OF THE USS PUEBLO (DOC ID 4051716).PDFChronological Events Relating to the Seizure of the USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4051716)
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