U.S.S. Pueblo

 REFLECTIONS OF ACTIVITY OFF EAST COAST OF NK (DOC ID 4092129).PDFReflections of Activity off East Coast of NK (Doc ID 4092129)
 REFLECTIONS OF POSSIBLE PUEBLO-RELATED ACTIVITY (DOC ID 4121704).PDFReflections of Possible Pueblo-related Activity (Doc ID 4121704)
 REFLECTIONS OF PUEBLO INCIDENT (DOC ID 4121755).PDFReflections of Pueblo Incident (Doc ID 4121755)
 DOC_42.PDFReport of House Special Subcommittee on USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4092114)
 REPORT OF THE HOUSE SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON THE USS PUEBLO (DOC ID 4052399).PDFReport of the House Special Committee on the USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4052399)
 REQUEST FOR INFORMATION - USS PUEBLO INCIDENT (DOC ID 4092086).PDFRequest for Information - USS Pueblo Incident (Doc ID 4092086)
 REQUEST FOR MISSION CAPABILITY OF USS PUEBLO (DOC ID 4062771).PDFRequest for Mission Capability of USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4062771)
 DOC_42_1.PDFRequest for Reflections of USS Pueblo Since 8 Jan (Doc ID 4063530)
 REQUEST FOR TAPES - PUEBLO INCIDENT (DOC ID 4062793).PDFRequest for Tapes - Pueblo Incident (Doc ID 4062793)
 DOC_11.PDFRequest Inputs to Korean Situation Summary (Doc ID 4121715)
 REQUEST NOT TO ISSUE ADDITIONAL REPORTS ON PUEBLO CAPTURE (DOC ID 4092075).PDFRequest Not to Issue Additional Reports on Pueblo Capture (Doc ID 4092075)
 DOC_31.PDFRequest of Info on Compromises (Doc ID 4121739)
 REVIEW OF SOVIET MATERIAL HAVING TO DO WITH THE USS PUEBLO (DOC ID 4052460).PDFReview of Soviet Material Having to do with the USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4052460)
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