U.S.S. Pueblo

 LESSONS OF THE PUEBLO AND EC-121 INCIDENTS (DOC ID 4051714).PDFLessons of the Pueblo and EC-121 Incidents (Doc ID 4051714)
 KOREAN_SITUATION_SUMMARY_01-68.PDFKorean Situation Summary 01-68 - 29 January 1968 (DTG 290556Z)
 KOREAN_SIGINT_SUMMARY_229-68.PDFKorean SIGINT Summary 229-68
 KORCOM_SIGSUM_04-68.PDFKORCOM SIGSUM 04-68 for Period 210001Z Thru 272400Z Jan 68 - 29 January 1968 (DTG 290816Z)
 KORCOM AIR DEFENSE TRACKING OF SOVIET TU-16'S DURING PERIOD THAT USS PUEBLO WAS ON STATION NEAR NORTH KOREA (DOC ID 4052458).PDFKORCOM Air Defense Tracking of Soviet Tu-16's During Period that USS Pueblo was on Station Near North Korea (Doc ID 4052458)
 DOC_37.PDFJCS Requirement for Assessment of Pueblo Loss (Doc ID 4052438)
 DOC_25.PDFIntelligence Assessment on USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4052402)
 INTELLIGENCE ASSESSMENT ON THE USS PUEBLO (DOC ID 4052400).PDFIntelligence Assessment on the USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4052400)
 INQUIRY_INTO_THE_USS_PUEBLO.PDFInquiry Into the USS Pueblo and EC-121 Plane Incidents - 28 July 1969
 DOC_30.PDFInformation for Congressional Subcommittee on Pueblo and EC-121 Incidents (Doc ID 4092101)
 INFO RE 24 JAN PRESS RELEASE ON BUCHER CONFESSION (DOC ID 4121702).PDFInfo Re 24 Jan Press Release on Bucher Confession (Doc ID 4121702)
 DOC_50 (1).PDFImpact of Pueblo Incident on U.S. Cryptologic Operations (Doc ID 4092122)
 DOC_40.PDFImpact of Known Compromise of Documents (Doc ID 4121748)
 DOC_9_1.PDFHouse Armed Services Committee Report - USS Pueblo (Doc ID 4062751)
 GIST OF PUEBLO INCIDENT (DOC ID 4092460).PDFGist of Pueblo Incident (Doc ID 4092460)
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