U.S.S. Pueblo

 PUEBLO INCIDENT SUMMARY (DOC ID 4121741).PDFPueblo Incident Summary (Doc ID 4121741)
 DOC_45_1.PDFPueblo Incident: ACRP Coverage (Doc ID 4062782)
 PUEBLO INCIDENT COLLECTION REQUIREMENTS (DOC ID 4121743).PDFPueblo Incident: Collection Requirements (Doc ID 4121743)
 PUEBLO INCIDENT DEFCON THREE NOT DECLARED (DOC ID 4063558).PDFPueblo Incident: DEFCON Three Not Declared (Doc ID 4063558)
 PUEBLO INCIDENT EQUIPMENT DESTRUCTION (DOC ID 4121745).PDFPueblo Incident: Equipment Destruction (Doc ID 4121745)
 PUEBLO INCIDENT FIRST NOTIFICATION (DOC ID 4121734).PDFPueblo Incident: First Notification (Doc ID 4121734)
 PUEBLO INCIDENT OTHER INDICATIONS OF TROUBLE (DOC ID 4121733).PDFPueblo Incident: Other Indications of Trouble (Doc ID 4121733)
 PUEBLO INCIDENT REPORTING (DOC ID 4121746).PDFPueblo Incident: Reporting (Doc ID 4121746)
 PUEBLO INCIDENT REPORTING GUIDANCE (DOC ID 4121762).PDFPueblo Incident: Reporting Guidance (Doc ID 4121762)
 DOC_41_1.PDFPueblo Incident: Request for Maximum Coverage of Ship/Ship and Ship/Shore Comms (Doc ID 4062777)
 PUEBLO INCIDENT TAPE FORWARDING (DOC ID 4121758).PDFPueblo Incident: Tape Forwarding (Doc ID 4121758)
 PUEBLO_MISSION.PDFPueblo Mission - 2 March 1968
 PUEBLO MISSION TRACK MAP (DOC ID 4121722).PDFPueblo Mission Track Map (Doc ID 4121722)
 PUEBLO PHOTOS AND PUEBLO OPERATIONAL AREAS (DOC ID 4062839).PDFPueblo Photos and Pueblo Operational Areas (Doc ID 4062839)
 PUEBLO PREFACE (CIA PRODUCED CHRONOLOGY) (DOC ID 4062747).PDFPueblo Preface (CIA Produced Chronology) (Doc ID 4062747)
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