UKUSA Agreement Release


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The tradition of intelligence sharing between NSA and its Second party partners has deep and widespread roots that have been cultivated for almost three quarters of a century. During World War II, the U.S. Army and Navy each developed independent foreign SIGINT relationships with the British and the Dominions of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. These relations evolved and continued across the decades. The bonds, forged in the heat of a world war and tempered by decades of trust and teamwork, remain essential to future intelligence successes.

The March 5, 1946, signing of the BRUSA (now known as UKUSA) Agreement marked the reaffirmation of the vital WWII cooperation between the United Kingdom and United States. Over the next 10 years, appendices to the Agreement, some of which are included with this release to the public, were drafted and revised. These appendices and their annexures provide details of the working relationship between the two partners and also address arrangements with the other Second Parties (Australia, Canada, and New Zealand).


 COPIES_DRAFT_APPENDICES_12FEB46.PDFCopies of Draft Appendices to British-US CI Agreements - 12 Feb. 1946
 CORRECTIONS_CI_APPENDICES_1MAR46.PDFCorrections to BRUSA CI Appendices - 1 March 1946
 CORRECTIONS_CI_APPENDICES_28FEB46.PDFCorrections to BRUSA CI Appendices Dated 26 Feb. 1946 - 28 Feb. 1946
 DRAFT_ACCEPTED_16JAN46.PDFDraft British- U.S. Communications Agreement - Accepted by British - 16 Jan. 1946
 DRAFT_AGRMT_1NOV45.PDFDraft British-U.S. Communication Intelligence Agreement - 1 Nov. 1945
 DRAFT_FOR_APP_NOTDATED.PDFDraft British-U.S. Communications Agreement Referred by STANCIB for Approval - Not dated
 PROPOSED_REV_15JAN46.PDFDraft British-U.S. Communications Intelligence Agreement Proposed Revision of - 15 Jan. 1946
 EARLY_PAPERS_1940-1944.PDFEarly Papers Concerning US-UK Agreement - 1940-1944
 FINAL_REC_TECH_CONF_1MAR46.PDFFinal Recommendation of the Technical Conference 11-27 March 1946
 JOINT_MTG_15OCT45.PDFJoint Meeting of ANCIB and ANCICC - 15 Oct. 1945
 JOINT_MTG_29OCT45.PDFJoint Meeting of ANCIB and ANCICC - 29 Oct. 1945
 JOINT_MTG_1NOV45.PDFJoint Meeting of Army-Navy Communications Intelligence Board Joint Meeting Summary - 1 Nov. 1945
 STANCIB_STANCICC_15FEB46.PDFJoint Meeting of STANCIB and STANCICC - 15 Feb. 1946
 BRUSA_23JUN44.PDFMemorandum for GI-P Watch Officers - BRUSA System - 23 June 1944
 ANCIB_22AUG45.PDFMemorandum from Army-Navy Communications Intelligence Board (ANCIB) re: Signals Intelligence - 22 Aug. 1945
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