John F. Kennedy Assassination

Records Regarding the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Under the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 (Public Law 102-526), NSA is required to review all records relating to the assassination and provide copies to the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB). The Board, in turn, provides copies to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). NARA has over 170,000 records relating to the J.F.K. assassination of which only a small number originated with NSA. The documents listed are the ones released by NSA to date.

The documents marked with * and ** were released directly to NARA in 1993 by NSA prior to the formation of the ARRB. The documents preceded by ** were released under the FOIA in the late 1970's/early 1980's, and the copies of the documents appear as they were released to the FOIA requester(s) at that time. Documents released to NARA by the ARRB in August 1997 are indicated by #, documents released to NARA by the ARRB in January 1998 are indicated by ## and documents released to NARA by the ARRB in October 1998 are indicated by ###. XXXXX has been inserted in a title if a portion of the title was deleted prior to release.


 JFK00089.PDF# XXXXX Reports Soviet Reaction to Assassination of U.S. President (Communications Intelligence/COMINT report)
 JFK00090.PDF# XXXXX Reports Soviet Reaction to Assassination of U.S. President (Communications Intelligence/COMINT report)
 JFK00056.PDF# XXXXX Requested to Fly Flag at Half-Mast (Communications Intelligence/COMINT report)
 JFK00053.PDF# XXXXX Undecided On Sending Delegation to Kennedy Funeral (Communications Intelligence/COMINT report)
 JFK00116.PDF## >Memorandum for the record - Report on Examination of Material Related to Lee Harvey Oswald and related material
 JFK00124.PDF## Army in Cuba Placed on Alert Status (Communications Intelligence/COMINT report)
 JFK00189.PDF## Assassination Materials Disclosure Act of 1992 (Report of the Committee on Governmental Affairs U.S. Senate)
 JFK00184.PDF## Assassinations Unit to Probe Ruby's Links to Organized Crime; Hears Ford on FBI
 JFK00121.PDF## Castro Speaks on President Kennedy's Assassination and Cuban Economy (Communications Intelligence/COMINT report)
 JFK00183.PDF## Congressional Record - House (January 24, 1979)
 JFK00196.PDF## Congressional Record - Senate (dated March 26, 1992)
 JFK00191.PDF## Correspondence related to testimony of Robert M. Gates, Director, CIA
 JFK00120.PDF## Cuban Statement on Visa for Oswald (Communications Intelligence/COMINT report)
 JFK00132.PDF## Cubans Studying in the USSR (Communications Intelligence/COMINT report)
 JFK00158.PDF## FBIS report - SUBJECT: Ex-KGB Chief Denies Complicity in Kennedy Assassination
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