Cuban Missile Crisis

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 28_AUGUST_NIGHT.PDFNight aerial gunnery exercises by Cuban jet aircraft
 28_JUNE_NIGHT_FLIGHTS.PDFNight flights of Cuban jet aircraft
 23_OCTOBER_NIKOLAEVSK_SHIP_APPROACHING.PDFNikolaevsk reported a ship on approaching course
 23_OCTOBER_NIKOLAEVSK__WAR_SHIP_CONTINUING.PDFNikolaevsk reported U.S. war ship continuing to accompany her
 23_OCTOBER_FURTHER_INFO.PDFNikolaevsk reported waiting at unidentified Cuban port awaiting a pilot
 NSA and the Cuban Missile CrisisNSA and the Cuban Missile Crisis
 17_SEPTEMBER_NSA_NEED.PDFNSA need for larger collection vessel than planned
 OPERATORS_CHATTER.PDFOperators' chatter reveals Cuban air force personnel to learn Russian
 23_OCTOBER_PASSENGER_CARGO.PDFPassenger cargo vessel Nikolaj Burdenko related urgent message from cargo vessel Kura for Moscow
 31_JULY_POSSIBLE_REFLECTIONS.PDFPossible reflections of Soviet/Cuban trade adjustments noted in merchant shipping
 10_DECEMBER_PROPOSAL.PDFProposal for a special national intelligence estimate on Soviet military in Cuba
 RADAR_INSTALLED.PDFRadar being installed; possible for use with artillery units
 18_APRIL_REFERENCE.PDFReference to radar tracking on Russian equipment in Cuba
 24_AUGUST_REFLECTION.PDFReflection of Soviet bloc pilot/technicians in Cuban Air Force training, 1 May - 4 Aug. 1962
 11_SEPTEMBER_REPORTING.PDFReporting instructions for SIGINT evidence of Cuban acquisition of offensive weapons system
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