Threat Landscape

Defending the Nation. Securing the future.

Ensuring NSA is future-ready: purpose-driven, agile, and resilient.

The Future-Ready Workforce Initiative is a small task force dedicated to improving the personal and professional experiences of NSA’s core resource: its people. It’s about removing unnecessary barriers and building fresh, innovative systems and options, to help prepare the Agency to meet the complex national security environment of tomorrow.

Focus Areas


NSA is revitalizing the onboarding process for new entry-level, mid-career, and returning employees — instilling an understanding of growing mission demands in an era of strategic competition.


NSA provides a number of resources that support the wellbeing of our workforce, and we are committed to expanding those resources to ensure healthy working environments as well as promote mental and physical wellbeing while accomplishing our mission.

Hybrid Work

NSA is embracing flexibility by expanding flexible work schedule options, adopting more part-time schedules, and hybrid work models to reduce commute times to reduce stress and keep employees at the top of their game.

At NSA you can have the benefits you need AND deserve.

We’re Hiring! Our mission to protect the nation demands a team of technical experts as well as business and HR professionals, linguists, intelligence analysts, communications specialists and more. We have career opportunities in 17 different fields, so there is truly something for everyone.

Gen. Nakasone

"The next decade will be decisive for U.S. national security and we need to have the right people, the right leaders, and the right culture to tackle our many challenges. Developing a resilient, future-ready workforce will be essential to prevailing in today and tomorrow's security environment."

-Gen. Paul M. Nakasone (ret.)
former Commander, U.S. Cyber Command, Director, National Security Agency & Chief, Central Security Service