NSA’s Cybersecurity Collaboration Center harnesses the power of industry partnerships to prevent and eradicate foreign cyber threats to National Security Systems (NSS), the Department of Defense (DoD), and the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). This groundbreaking hub for engagement with the private sector is designed to create an environment for information sharing between NSA and its partners combining our respective expertise, techniques, and capabilities to secure the Nation’s most critical networks.

These collaborative relationships leverage the unique strengths of both government and industry and represent a vital part of a whole-of-nation approach to cybersecurity to:

  • Operationalize knowledge through robust, unclassified engagement;
  • Forge public-private partnerships to deliver better cybersecurity outcomes; and
  • Enable NSA Cybersecurity to work by, through, and with partners.

Nesting with the National Security, Defense, and Intelligence strategies, NSA collaborates with partners to augment and amplify our ability to prevent and eradicate threats to the NSS/DIB. Information flowing effectively between commercial entities and NSA enriches our respective competitive advantages. In doing so, NSA supports the following activities aimed to:


Rebuild NSA’s Cybersecurity Mission

  • Improve access to/understanding of foreign actions
  • Reduce cyber attack surface of the DIB
  • Advance next generation of cybersecurity leadership
  • Partner to degrade malicious cyber actor capabilities
  • Influence cybersecurity standards for future technologies
  • Deliver products and services that leverage NSA’s technical expertise to improve the Nation’s cybersecurity posture

     ​Modernize Policies and Authorities

  • Share bi-directionally with the Defense Industrial Base
  • Partner to understand and address cyber adversaries in U.S. critical infrastructure

NSA achieves success that scales across government and industry; builds trust through sharing unclassified threat and cybersecurity advice; and delivers better outcomes than any one organization or agency can achieve alone. Through the center, we:

Work with industry service providers to detect counter nation-state or malicious cyber activity directed at the private sector.

Jointly develop analytic tradecraft with private entities and service providers to rapidly detect adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures and thwart their tools and tradecraft.

Advance proactive tipping and the bi-lateral exchange of information concerning threats and vulnerabilities to private entities and their service providers.

Notify and collaborate with technology providers to private industry and NSS on identified vulnerabilities and develop joint mitigation measures.