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Technology Profile Fact Sheets

As a part of the Technology Transfer effort, the NSA Technology Transfer Program (TTP) Office has created Technology Profile Fact Sheets, which describes technologies available for transfer.

  1. Method of Combining Databases of Transcribed Speech
  2. Method of Converting a Computer Program with Loops to One without Loops
  3. Wideband Mixer-Circulator Retro-reflector
  4. Mapping Tool
  5. Method of Fabricating Patterned Device Using Sacrificial Spacer Layer
  6. Method of Visualizing a Software Program
  7. Method of Generating a Non-Deterministic Random Number
  8. Method for Improving Performance of Virtual Machines
  9. All-Digital Audio Power Amplifier with Random Switching
  10. Method of Fabricating an Optical Device Using Multiple Sacrificial Spacer Layers
  11. Via Construction to Dampen Cavity Modes in Printed Circuit Boards
  12. Method of Detecting Duplicate Voice Recordings
  13. Method for More Efficient Processing of Binary BCH Codes
  14. Retrieving Electronic Data during Enhanced Note Taking
  15. Wireless Intrusion Detection System
  16. IRC Characterization and Behavior Observation Tool
  17. Three-dimensional Microsystem and Method of Fabrication
  18. Automatically Describing and Categorizing the Topic of Text
  19. Environmental Time Synchronization Protocol
  20. Double Use Tamper Indicating Bag
  21. Circuit Preparation for Imaging of Cell Structures Represented in Polysilicon Active Layers and First Level Metal
  22. Method of Modeling Single Class Data from Multi-class Data
  23. Garnet Imager Stage
  24. L-band F1:F1 Repeater
  25. Method of Distinguishing Handwritten and Machine-Printed Images
  26. Low Cost Single Die-level Plating Process for Integrated Circuits
  27. High Speed Model-Free Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technique For Arabic Script
  28. Low-Pass Fiber Optics to Chip Alignment
  29. Re-useable Tamper Indicating Label Fixture
  30. High Density, High Performance Multilayer Flex
  31. Device for Forward Scattered Electron Imaging (FSEI) in a Scanning Electron Microscope
  32. Method to Find Stepping Stones By Comparing Network Latency Times from Different Protocol Stack Layers
  33. Mode Transition-Discrimination Photonic Logic Device
  34. Method of Fabricating Waveguide using Sacrificial Spacer Layer
  35. Method of Fabricating Turning Mirror Using a Sacrificial Spacer Layer (S2L) and Device Made Therefrom
  36. Lightweight Process for Interactive Vector Correlation
  37. Method for Measuring Gain of Photonic Inverters
  38. Summary Text Extract Association Metric (STEAM)
  39. Method of Determining Semiconductor- Laser Facet Reflectivity after Reflectance Modification
  40. Method of Coating Optical Device Facets with Dielectric Layers and Device Made Therefrom
  41. Method of Image Binarization Using Histogram Modeling
  42. Shredder Residue Dispersion System (SRDS)
  43. Aladdin Tagger
  44. A Process for Identifying Software Delivered over a Computer Network and Mechanism for Governing its Execution
  45. Method of Fabricating and Integrating High-Quality Decoupling Capacitors
  46. Method of Bumping a Thin Wafer
  47. Aladdin Name Matcher - Name Matching by Normalization of Both Query and Data
  48. Method of Generating Multiple Random Bit Sequences
  49. Transliterated Names: An Automated System for Generating Multiple Spellings of Name Components
  50. STE Service Interrupt Circuit (SIC)
  51. Battery Isolator and Switch
  52. Generic Multi-Network Channel Simulator
  53. NetTop®
  54. Classification of Machine-Printed and Handwritten Text for Document Images
  55. Renoir: General Network Visualization and Manipulation Program
  56. All-Fiber Tunable Bandpass Filter
  57. Enhanced Beacon Recognition for Laser Communications
  58. Method of Identifying All Minimum-Cost Cutsets in a Network
  59. Method for Storage and Reconstruction of the Extended Hamming Code for an 8-dimensional Lattice Quantizer
  60. Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser Employing Native Oxide of Group III-V Semiconductor
  61. Method of Summarizing Text Using Just the Text
  62. Syllable Rate Speech Activity Detector
  63. Method of Acknowledging, Reassembling and Transmitting Data Packets
  64. Method of Efficiently Increasing Readability of FrameMaker® Graphical User Interface
  65. Method of Extracting Text Present in a Color Image
  66. Secure Printing or Improved Process of Printing Impress Encoded Documents
  67. ATM Mapping and Monitoring Tool
  68. Network Anomaly Detection Algorithm
  69. Gaussian Model-based Image Binarization
  70. Electronic Connector That Minimizes Bent Pins (For PCMCIA Cards)
  71. Information Sorting and Retrieval by Language or Topic
  72. Method of Metallizing a Diamond Substrate without Using a Refractory Metal
  73. PCMCIA Card Connector
  74. Recovering an Integrated Circuits (ICs) Gate-Level Netlist from a Transistor-Level Netlist Using the EXTRACT Algorithm
  75. Technique for Correcting Symbol Errors in Formatted Modem Transmissions Using Soft Decisions
  76. Two Dimensional Display of a Three Dimensional Toroidal Interconnection Network
  77. Visualization and Analysis of Associated Information
  78. Wafer and Die Thinning Technology
  79. Wafer Level Coating Designed to Protect Integrated Circuits from Reverse Engineering
  80. Autonomous Metadata Producer
  81. Device for High Resolution Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy in a Scanning Electron Microscope

Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009 | Last Modified: May 3, 2010| Last Reviewed: May 3, 2010