Discrimination Complaints


NSA’s Office of Discrimination Complaints processes all allegations of discrimination in which an employee, applicant, or former employee asserts that they received unfair treatment based on one or more of the Protected EEO bases below.

Protected EEO Bases:

  • Age
  • Color
  • Disability
  • Religion
  • Genetic Information
  • National Origin
  • Race
  • Sex (includes pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, and transgender status)
  • Reprisal due to prior participation in an EEO matter

The NSA EEO complaints process is open to all NSA employees, applicants, and former employees. Military members and contractors follow a separate process within their respective services/companies, and in most cases are not eligible to use the civilian EEO complaints process at NSA. They may, however, contact an NSA EEO counselor for general guidance and referral, as appropriate. Our expert and impartial staff of professionals take every concern seriously and engage with employees and managers during EEO counseling and investigation.  

Individuals who believe that they have been discriminated against should begin the complaints process by contacting an EEO Counselor within 45 days from the date of the alleged discriminatory event or the date they became aware of the event. To contact an EEO Counselor, please call 301-688-1087.

For an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Complaint

Contact an EEO Counselor in the Office of Discrimination Complaints within 45 days from the date of receipt of the written resolution notice or verbal response to the request (whichever comes first). EEO Counselors can be reached at (301) 688-1087. If a counselor is not contacted within 45 days the right to file a complaint will be lost. Individuals are encouraged to use informal dispute resolution processes to resolve complaints regarding reasonable accommodations.

Notice of Rights Architectural Barriers Act of 1968 (42 U.S.C. § 4151-57)

The Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) generally requires facilities that are designed, built, altered, or leased with Federal funds be accessible to individuals with disabilities. The Agency’s Installations & Logistics organization is responsible for ensuring the physical accessibility of Agency facilities. Visit Report a Barrier to Facilities and Services to report an ABA issue. The U.S. Access Board is an independent federal agency that promotes equality for people with disabilities through leadership in accessible design and the development of accessibility guidelines and standards. The Access Board’s ABA accessibility standards are available on its website. Subject to certain limitations and exclusions, the Department of Defense (DoD) has adopted the Access Board’s ABA accessibility standards. The DoD standards, found in a 31 October 2008 memorandum, are also available on the Access Board website.

Information about filing an ABA complaint with the Access Board may be found at its online ABA complaint form. If the Agency’s investigation of a complaint filed under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or the Architectural Barriers Act of 1968 shows that a different entity is responsible for the alleged violation, the Agency will attempt to assist the individual with locating the proper place to file the complaint against the other entity, if possible. These procedures create no new enforceable rights under section 501 of the Rehabilitation Act, or any other law. Executive Order 13164, which requires all Federal agencies to adopt reasonable accommodations procedures, explains in section 5(b) that the procedures are “intended only to improve the internal management of the executive branch and does not create any right or benefit.”