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2019 NSA Cyber Exercise Documentary


What is the NCX Mission?

Cyber is an invisible threat that it is capable of unleashing real damage to America. Cyberattacks against our Nation’s economy and critical infrastructures can disrupt critical operations, exploit data, and result in the loss of revenue, intellectual property, or even life. The ever-increasing number of cyber events require cybersecurity to be a crucial component of a strong national defense.

NCX advances strategic cybersecurity by developing and testing cybersecurity skills, teamwork, planning, communication, and decision-making of the next generation of cyber warriors and leaders. It is an investment in the future to help keep our Nation safe.

What is NCX?

The multi-day cyber competition helps to educate, train, and test cyber skills of U.S. Service Academy cadets and midshipmen as well as students from the Senior Military Colleges. By participating in NCX, they are better prepared to become future cyber warriors and leaders, ensuring our national defense and security.

NCX helps prepare the Nation’s next generation of cyber leaders and warriors in defending the Nation from an ever-increasing number of cyber threats. The winning school receives the coveted NCX trophy.

Who are the NCX Competitors?

The U.S. Military is a key partner and primary customer of NSA. All five U.S. Service Academies participate. Cadets and Midshipmen from the U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy compete for the NSA Cyber Exercise Trophy.

Who are our Partners?

  • Joint Service Academy Cybersecurity (JSAC) - a federation of common interests to strengthen the tie between industry and U.S. Government to better secure the Internet, share best practices, and foster stakeholder partnerships. NCX is held in tandem with the JSAC Summit.
  • U.S. Cyber Command - plans, coordinates, integrates, synchronizes and conducts activities to: direct the operations and defense of specified Department of Defense information networks and; prepare to, and when directed, conduct full spectrum military cyberspace operations in order to enable actions in all domains, ensure US/Allied freedom of action in cyberspace and deny the same to our adversaries.

NCX Winners

Year Winner
2021 TBA
2020 Cancelled Due to COVID-19
2019 U.S. Air Force Academy
2018 U.S. Naval Academy

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