NSA News https://www.nsa.gov News Articles on NSA.gov en-us Copyright 2010 https://www.nsa.gov Mon, 09 Feb 2015 11:00:00 EST NSA Announces 3rd Annual Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper Competition The National Security Agency is seeking nominations for the 3rd Annual Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper Competition. https://www.nsa.gov/public_info/press_room/2015/3rd_Science_of_security_competition.shtml Administration Releases Report on Presidential Policy Directive-28/Signals Intelligence Activities; NSA Releases Specific Procedures to Implement Administration Releases Report on Presidential Policy Directive-28/Signals Intelligence Activities; NSA Releases Specific Procedures to Implement https://www.nsa.gov/public_info/press_room/2015/feb_PPD-28_announcement.shtml ADM Rogers Appoints Jonathan Freed to Lead NSA's Strategic Communications Jonathan Freed has been appointed as the National Security Agency's new Associate Director for Strategic Communications, ADM Michael S. Rogers announced today. https://www.nsa.gov/public_info/press_room/2014/dec_crypto_museum.shtml Everyone Can Be a Codebreaker and Codemaker at the National Cryptologic Museum The upcoming 75th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the release of two major World War II films coming this holiday season, "The Imitation Game" and "Unbroken," could spark renewed interest in that period of our nation's history. "The Imitation Game" tells the story of Alan Turing and his development of the cryptanalytic bombe, the machine that solved the code of the most powerful encryption machine ever invented until that time, Nazi Germany's Enigma machine. Every bombe was destroyed after the war - all but one, and it resides at the National Cryptologic Museum (NCM) located in Annapolis Junction, Md. https://www.nsa.gov/public_info/press_room/2014/dec_crypto_museum.shtml Release of Documents Related to Vietnam War POW/MIA Cases The National Security Agency / Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) will release 1,600 declassified documents related to the agency's support to Vietnam War Prisoner of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) cases. These documents will be released in a series with the first 170 documents now available on nsa.gov. The publication of these documents supports NSA's commitment to increased transparency. https://www.nsa.gov/public_info/press_room/2014/vietnam_declass.shtml NSA Releases First in Series of Software Products to Open Source Community The National Security Agency announced today the public release of its new technology that automates data flows among multiple computer networks, even when data formats and protocols differ. The tool, called "Niagarafiles (Nifi)," could benefit the U.S. private sector in various ways. https://www.nsa.gov/public_info/press_room/2014/nifi_announcement.shtml Five Cryptologists Added to NSA/CSS Cryptologic Hall of Honor FORT MEADE, MD-Five "cryptologic greats" were inducted into the NSA/CSS Cryptologic Hall of Honor today at the National Cryptologic Museum (NCM). https://www.nsa.gov/public_info/press_room/2014/Cryptologists_Added_to_Hall_of_Honor.shtml NSA Releases Second Transparency Report: NSA's Civil Liberties and Privacy Protections for Targeted SIGINT Activities Under Executive Order 12333 FORT MEADE, MD - Today NSA released to the public its second civil liberties and privacy report. The document focuses on the civil liberties and privacy protection practices of NSA in the course of targeted signals intelligence activities under Executive Order 12333. https://www.nsa.gov/public_info/press_room/2014/nsa_releases_second_transparency_report.shtml Alert: Computer Scam Uses NSA Seal FORT MEADE, MD - The NSA/CSS is aware of a computer malware scam using the NSA/CSS seals and banner. Victims of this malware report that a pop-up or a locked Internet browser alerts them that they have violated the law and/or are being monitored. https://www.nsa.gov/public_info/press_room/2014/nsa_seal_scam_alert.shtml NSA Director Names New Chief Risk Officer FORT MEADE, MD - NSA/CSS Director Admiral Michael S. Rogers recently announced the creation of a new Chief Risk Officer position at the Agency. https://www.nsa.gov/public_info/press_room/2014/new_chief_risk_officer.shtml