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16 November 2005
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National Security Agency Announces Winners of the
Frank B. Rowlett Awards for Information Assurance Achievement

The National Security Agency announced the winners of the prestigious Frank B. Rowlett Awards for Information Assurance at a ceremony at Fort Meade on 3 November 2005. NSA established the Frank B. Rowlett Awards in 1989 to recognize outstanding excellence in Information Assurance. Rowlett was a distinguished cryptologic pioneer at NSA.

Dr. Anup Ghosh, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, was honored with the 2005 Rowlett Individual Excellence Award for his breakthrough research into cyber defense to include technology that automatically quarantines computer-based worms, limiting their migration and restoring the users computer to its pre-infected state within minutes. Dr. Ghosh's pioneering work has yielded dramatic results.

The individual achievement award is given annually to the individual within a U.S. Government organization making the most significant contribution to improving his/her element's information systems security posture, information assurance readiness, or the conduct of defensive information operations.

The Department of State's Cyber Threat Analysis Division received the 2005 Rowlett Organizational Excellence Award for demonstrating exceptional ingenuity and leadership in assisting the Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence communities in carrying out the White House National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace. This effort also helps in meeting the emerging cyber security challenges outlined in the President's National Counterintelligence Strategy.

The organizational achievement award is given annually to the U.S. Government organization recognized as making the most significant contribution to the improvement of national information systems security, operational information assurance readiness, or the defensive information operations posture of the United States.

The Director, National Security Agency, is designated as the National Manager for all national security information systems throughout the U.S. Government. National security systems are those telecommunications and information systems operated by the U.S. Government, its contractors, or agents that contain classified information or that involve intelligence or cryptologic activities related to national security, systems for command and control of military forces, equipment that is an integral part of a weapon or weapon system, or systems that are critical to the direct fulfillment of military or intelligence mission.

For more information, please contact NSA Public Affairs at 301-688-6524 or by emailing For more information on Frank B. Rowlett, please see NSA's Hall of Honor Website at /about/cryptologic_heritage/hall_of_honor/1999/rowlett.shtml.

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