Research at NSA

LARRY: Hi! My name is Larry, and I'm a researcher at NSA. For the next few minutes, some of my colleagues and I would like to share with you what an exciting and diverse place this is to work. Take a look:

SPEAKER 1: Within the research directorate we are cutting edge.

SPEAKER 2: I love what I do!

LARRY: There's a lot of collaboration here and it's absolutely encouraged.

SPEAKER 3: In research itself, there is a lot of freedom – even though it's the government.

SPEAKER 4: It's definitely a cool place to work.

SPEAKER 5: I find it rewarding to come to work every day here.

SPEAKER 6: And that is very motivating for the people – ‘cause they know that the research they conduct is going to make a difference.

SPEAKER 7: This is a wonderful place to come and be absolutely certain that you're going to be working on the hardest, most challenging and most meaningful problems available.

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LARRY: You sort of see the whole process, which is really nice and it's great because you really get to interact with a lot of different people along the way of different, varying backgrounds.

SPEAKER 2: Some math research, the people are almost all Ph.D.-level mathematicians which gives us somewhat a common culture.

SPEAKER 4: I've had conversations with my supervisors and also directors and they are highly supportive of furthering my education – getting a master’s or even a Ph.D.

SPEAKER 1: Now I get to perform research and this is now moving me closer to the Ph.D.

LARRY: It's an advantage being on the inside looking out because you have all the resources outside available to you and the resources inside.

SPEAKER 6: There's a comfortable couch area where people can informally chat and collaborate and the offices surround the informal seating.

SPEAKER 3: It's much more of a wide open space where we're really looking for quite new ideas.

SPEAKER 8: There's a real feeling of accomplishment there that you were part of something that the United States thinks is absolutely essential to the security and a lot of what NSA does obviously, fits within that.

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SPEAKER 5: I love what I do.

SPEAKER 4: I do feel appreciated.

SPEAKER 6: It is cool. It is cool! (laughter)

SPEAKER 2: The job satisfaction is very high.

SPEAKER 5: I would start all over and apply again if I had the opportunity.

SPEAKER 1: For any young engineer that is looking for a position here you have to just continue to apply and to try and get in – it's a great place to work!

LARRY: For more information, please visit, and please consider joining us.


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