Work-Life Balance

Speaker: I found that as much as I loved my job and the work that I do while I'm at work; it's nice to know that at the end of a 40-hour work week, I get to go home and enjoy my life outside of work too. There's a great balance there. My boss understands that the time I spend away from work recharging will make me a better, more productive employee. It's a very high-tech place. NSA is very supportive of helping folks get up to speed on the latest technology. We do a lot of in-house training on things you're only going to learn at NSA because the courses are classified and NSA is also very encouraging of furthering your education through degrees outside NSA. NSA sent me back to grad school to get my master's degree in systems engineering. One of the unique things about working for the federal government, but especially the NSA is that what we do here, you really can't do anywhere else. We have responsibilities that aren't delegated to anybody else in the United States, in terms of information assurance and signals intelligence. I know that when I come to work I'm in a building full of people who are dedicated to that mission, and I know that's something that is much bigger than me and I know it's something that is much more important than filling a shareholder's pocket.

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