Working at NSA

Speaker: NSA offers a lot of different things. I think a lot of jobs that people get into right out of college can hit a dead end or it's not as much room for advancement, whereas here they really want to develop, especially the younger generation for later on and you can move around to so many different things and you might come in as an engineer, but later on if you want to do something else – everyone encourages that. There's sports here that you can play, and a lot of offices do that together. Really, it's just a great work environment. I mean there's constant social interaction with your team and that's important and I think this environment is very good for that. It's great to work here too because you feel very patriotic working here, doing something for your country and every job is important. I was able to choose where I wanted to go so I could kind of form where I wanted to go in the future and the different parts I wanted to see, it feels good to know that you're helping everyone, your family that doesn't work here, your friends, and they might not understand the magnitude of what you're doing but you really feel it here. I am very happy working here, definitely enjoy it. It was probably one of the best jobs I could have had right out of college.

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