The Mission

Speaker: I came from private industry and military experience myself. I have been in the military and when I was in the military I don't think I even thought about NSA you know. But there was an experience I had, I was coming back from a TDY or a trip and I was on an airplane with a military soldier and we got to talking and one thing led to another, he pretty much put two and two together and figured out where I was working. He said to me you guys saved my life, because of some kind of communications that he received. He and his guys didn't go into a certain area and his life was saved because of that information and when I heard that, that made me realize that wow this is a really neat place to work and we really have an important mission. Part of that mission is to support our warfighters and make sure that they're protected every day. So it makes me feel really proud and good about working here. I think if you want to play a part in ensuring that your country is safe and protected, and if you want to provide support to the warfighters and ensure that their lives are protected; if you want fascinating work, then this is the perfect place for you. And who wouldn't want that.

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