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Do you know - cyber attacks and cyber exploitation are the number one threat to US security.

American companies are losing 250 billion dollars a year in intellectual property.

Government networks, including the Department of Defense, are attacked more than 400 million times a year.

And the problem reaches from one critical industry to the next.

Since September of 2012, the websites of more than 5 of the nation's largest financial institutions have been victimized by sophisticated denial of service attacks.

General Keith Alexander, former Director of NSA, says the attacks are evolving from disruptive to destructive.

Former Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, says the collective results of these attacks could amount to a cyber Pearl Harbor.

This could mean that your bank account balance is wiped to 0.

Or water stops flowing from faucets.

Or an entire power regional grid goes black.

That's why cybersecurity is the top national security priority.

What you know can make a difference at the National Security Agency.

Whether it's our foreign intelligence mission or protecting our national security's systems - what you know can protect the nation.

Explore our many technical career fields, paid internships, and co-op and scholarship opportunities to see how you fit in at NSA.

With a career at NSA, you'll realize just how much knowing matters.

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