Selling Your Qualifications to NSA

Jennifer Dooley - NSA Recruiter: "Well, our focus for hiring is certainly technical ... and linguists. This is a high-tech agency; we use state-of-the-art technology in our mission for intelligence. So, we are definitely looking for people that have the technical know-how, and we're also looking for people that are willing to learn and grow. I mean, our student programs here at the agency; I would say is a benchmark in the federal community, in the government.

"Well, if I'm at a career fair and I'm talking to someone face-to-face, I really want to get to know the person beyond your resume. So a candidate really should have their 5-second spiel about who they are and how to sell themselves. And, I look for someone who has passion and interest in public service. Someone that's humble and hungry, because that's what our government needs, and this is exactly what NSA needs.

"Well, I think with private industry for some reason people believe that you have to keep your resume to one page, especially as a new college grad. With the NSA and throughout the federal government, take the opportunity to really sell yourself. Put a cover letter, elaborate on what your resume says. If you're going to say that you have a degree in history, tell us exactly what you did. Did you take courses in a specific part of history, maybe Middle Eastern history? What languages do you know? What theses have you written? What research have you done?

"You really want to take the opportunity to sell yourself. Because we get tons of resumes. It's a very competitive place to get your foot in the door, but we do look at all the resumes. And, don't be afraid to brag about yourself."

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